WATER ISSUES - Fishermen critical of legislation to alter Clean Water Act - The Cordova Times


Two congressmen allege that EPA has overstepped their use of veto authority. -- By: Margaret Bauman June 13, 2014 -- Legislation before Congress to limit the Environmental Protection Agency's veto authority over Clean Water Act permits is drawing criticism from commercial, sport and subsistence fishermen concerned over its impact on Bristol Bay....read more

Friend or foe? Villagers ponder proposed Pebble mine - Anchorage Daily News


September 28, 2013 By Sean Cockerham -- ILIAMNA -- In the vast, green, windswept tundra of Southwest Alaska, the planet's greatest remaining stronghold of wild salmon, an open-pit mine of staggering proportions is being hatched....read more

The bitter battle over Alaska's salmon - BBC News


BBC News looks at the animosity between Alaska's fishing community and those promoting the proposed Pebble Mine. -- By Stephen Sackur BBC News Alaska July 23, 2013 --...read more

Native Alaska, Under Threat - The New York Times Op-Ed


Written by Bristol Bay native and professional snowboarder, Callan J. Chythlook-Sifsof, this article explores the risks of building the Pebble Mine.  -- By: Callan J. Chythlook-Sifsof June 27, 2013 --...read more

World’s Largest Wild Salmon Population Threatened by Giant Alaskan Mine - Oilprice.com


By Charles Kennedy May 2, 2013 -- Seven months ago the EPA completed an assessment of the affects that the proposed Pebble Mine would have on Alaskan Lands and wildlife, stating that the effects were minimal and approving the plans to begin developing the mine....read more