Toxic blast cloud threatens Moura - Central Queensland News


A toxic cloud of blast fumes was created at an Anglo American mine in Australia. "In a media release, Anglo American said the mine knew from local weather conditions a blast fume could occur when it did some blasting but notified authorities in the morning and went ahead as planned." -- By Andrew Beard April 17, 2013 more

Arsenic cleanup costs double at Yellowknife mine site - Alaska Dispatch


By: CBC News - Eye on the Arctic March 27, 2013 -- In the Northwest Territories, new documents show the cleanup costs for Yellowknife’s arsenic-contaminated Giant Mine site will be close to a billion more

Engineers look for ways to repair dam breach -- Metro News Canada


SOUTH BROOK, N.L. – The government of Newfoundland and Labrador says an excavator was working at a dam when it began leaking this week, causing restrictions to be placed on a town’s water use on the north coast of the province.The water warning was issued for South Brook by the Environment Department on Monday because of a ruptured dam around a tailings pond at a former copper more

The Hidden Costs of Going Green - HuffPost Blog


We use copper in our everyday, Alaskan lives. There is copper in cars, cellphones and computers and in many new "green" technologies that are being developed. This article looks at the dilemma we face in deciding which copper resources to more

Alaska's Clash Over Salmon and Gold Goes National


National Geographic takes another look at the Pebble Mine Fight, this time concentrating on the EPA Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. -- Alaska's Clash Over Salmon and Gold Goes National Edwin Dobb for National Geographic more