Resources commissioner forgets fisheries - Anchorage Daily News Compass


Kate Troll responds to Alaska DNR Commissioner Dan Sullivan and reminds him of the importance of Alaska's fisheries. -- By Kate Troll - January 9, more

Engineers look for ways to repair dam breach -- Metro News Canada


SOUTH BROOK, N.L. – The government of Newfoundland and Labrador says an excavator was working at a dam when it began leaking this week, causing restrictions to be placed on a town’s water use on the north coast of the province.The water warning was issued for South Brook by the Environment Department on Monday because of a ruptured dam around a tailings pond at a former copper more

Photo Essay: Ground-Zero Images of the Pebble Mine Site Show What's at Stake --


Here's a link to gorgeous photos of the proposed Pebble Mine site. Thanks, Orvis for sharing these photos by Robert Glenn Ketchum. The image above of is the New Halen River, which flow between Lake Clark and Lake Iliamna. If Pebble Mine is constructed there will be a bridge and haul road constructed over the New more

'Ecological Catastrophe': Toxic Sludge Kills 4


KOLONTAR, Hungary — A lethal torrent of toxic red sludge from a metal refinery engulfed towns in Hungary, burning villagers through their clothes and threatening an ecological disaster Tuesday as it swept toward the Danube more

Rising Tide of Acid Mine Water Threatens Johannesburg


A toxic tide of acid mine water is rising steadily beneath Johannesburg which, if left unchecked, could cause earth tremors, power blackouts and even cancer among residents, experts have warned. The water is currently around 600 metres below the city’s surface but is rising at a rate of between 0.4 and 0.9 metres per day, meaning it could overflow onto the streets in just more